Hand-Crafted Specialty Italian, Vegan and Gluten Free Desserts...
Traditional Micro-Batch Gelato

We offer a wide range of Birthday and Wedding Cakes to suite your taste and dietary needs!

Also, call to learn about which retail outlets carry our goodies!

The Elmwood Village's first gelato is NOW available in pints at the Lexington Coop.
You've loved it for years in a dish, now you can easily bring it home and share it with the ones you love, or love it all yourself..

Did you know? Our Gelato contains about 30% lower fat content than ice cream, is made with Western NY produced hormone free milk AND made one Elmwood Ave in Buffalo so.... KNOCK YOUR SELF OUT!!)..

Dolci's artisan micro-batch gelato NOW available packed in pints and exclusively for sale at the Lexington Coop on Elmwood Ave between Lancaster and Auburn Ave.

We do not currently have a store front, BUT we do take special orders.
Call us at 716.310.4918 to place your pick-up orders (depending on your order, delivery may be possible).
For gelato, stop by the Lexington Coop and pick up a pint or two!! Please give us a ring to discuss how we can provide you or your business with the highest quality gelatos, vegan and traditional Italian baked goods, including wedding cakes.

Dolci Specialty Bakery, an Italian Dessert Bakery and Gelateria, has been an Elmwood Village area landmark destination for dessert connoisseurs for over 20 years. Our famous Mico-Batch Gelato is NOW featured at the Lexington Coop! Many of the finest restaurants in the Buffalo area feature our desserts and gelato. We make, from scratch, all of our cookies, desserts, gelato and sorbetto.

Our newest items offered are Vegan cakes, cupcakes, special treats and cookies,

Call-in Hours:

Sunday 11 to 9
Monday - Thursday 9 to 9
Friday 10 to 10
Saturday 10 to 10


AT DOLCI, YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! BUT, IF YOU EAT MORE THAN A TASTE , of any of our products, WE ASSUME YOU LOVED IT!   PLEASE, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, let us know immediately so we may make a correction.  We're happy  'sweet' people at Dolci, and we like our customers happy and 'sweet' too.

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